Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How Did My Girl Get To Be Eight???

Happy Birthday, Lizzy

Today my Lizzy turned eight.  I don't know what it is that's made me almost resent birthdays lately, but each one almost brings me to tears.  I tell my kids that I wish I could stop time and freeze them right where they are.  Each time they beg for me to measure them on our measuring wall, I see their heights creep up closer and closer to looking me in the eye.  With each new pair of shoes, they get that much closer to fitting into mine.  With each new grade, they get that much closer to flying the coop.

I am not ready for my babies to grow up.

Lizzy is currently running around the house with all her little friends--girls who have been her friends from birth and have attended almost every other party she's had.  Time affects her friends, too.  They all started out as giggly little shriekers.  Now they are giggly bigger shriekers who have set aside dress-up in favor of playing games and dancing to Lizzy's new keyboard music (songs like Jingle Bells and Ode To Joy).

Decorating cupcakes for her party

Today I watched Lizzy and two of her friends learn how to dive in swim class.  My little girl even tried diving off the diving board.  She totally failed, but she tried!  She can swim laps in the pool.  Just yesterday she couldn't even swim at all.

Her birthday list no longer contained princess dresses and fairy dolls.  No, this year she asked for legos, an ice cream maker, and a water gun.

And yet, I am thankful for some of the changes that I have seen in my girl over the past year.  She has always been a sweet, outgoing, friendly (oh so friendly), kind girl.  But today she offered her friends food before she took her own.  She gave up her seat for someone else.  She traded her party favor toy with another girl who liked Lizzy's color better.  She often will give up what she has for someone else because she wants to make them happy.  She loves, loves, loves her baby nephews and looks forward to when they come over.  Baby Paul and Leland are two of her favorite people.

She has turned into an orderly person.  She used to be a complete slob with toys and clothes oozing out of her room.  Now she keeps her stuff very tidy and started making her bed all on her own months ago.  She cleans up after her self.  She offers to help me and helps me (usually) without complaint.

She has gone from a girl who hated reading to reading a lot.  She especially loves to read books to her little sister.  Lizzy is a wonderful big sister to Joy.  She is very imaginative and is always coming up with games and ideas of things to play with her sister.  She orchestrates elaborate "Sister Days" and will make Joy breakfast, play games with her, and read to her.

Lizzy is Miss Hospitality.  Whenever we have guests over, you will find Lizzy writing name cards to assign seating at the table.  She loves to write cards to people and sends off mail regularly.

While I am sad that my baby is growing up, it is amazing to watch her grow into the woman that she is going to become.  To watch her heart grow in compassion and love.  To see her reach out beyond her circle of friends and befriend strangers and "the least of these" wherever she goes.  God has big plans for my girl and it is fun to see it happen.

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  1. This is lovely. You MUST save these blogs--and not just on a computer because they may disappear! If Lizzy can read this when she is a gawky teen or an unsure new mom or at a bad time in the future (and there are always bad times, eh?) this will be so encouraging. I love her, and I got a little teary eyed myself reading it.