Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Diastasis...Otherwise Known As Mamma Belly

The cause of my Mamma Belly

I've heard about "Mamma Belly" before, the condition where your stomach muscles split due to pregnancy which causes you to look four months pregnant despite the fact that your youngest child is...five.  I remember doing crunches after Joy was born and seeing my belly look a lot like a bell curve--flat on the outside with a big arch at the middle.  Despite knowing of the condition, I never researched if there was a cure for it.

But then I came across some ladies who are following the Trim Healthy Mama diet who swore by doing exercises to close the gap between the muscles.  They posted before and after pictures that were truly astounding.  They went from looking pregnant to not pregnant in just a few weeks of daily stomach exercises.  Well...

My Mamma didn't raise no dummies.

I checked my stomach for diastasis using this video as my guide.

After discovering that I have a three finger gap between my muscles, I took a before picture and committed to doing a quick and easy video every day for two weeks.  It only takes ten minutes.

When I have time I throw in these two exercises for good measure (hopefully smaller.)

I'm only a week into the program and have already closed my gap by an inch and can feel my stomach getting stronger.  So far I've shrunk my stomach by an inch.  Not bad for something so simple.  I still have another week to go, but I've talked about it to several people who were interested so I thought I'd share about it even before analyzing my final results.

So, if you are like me and have a Mamma Belly and would like to do something about it, try this and let me know if it works for you.


  1. So I tried it, and it seems too easy. Do you pause and do more reps, or just do it straight through?

    1. I do the video as is and then do more throughout the day on my own.